The Coming Judgement Upon America

"when you're high, you never ever want to come down..."

America is coming down...hard.

The Coming Judgement upon America, however much the American people may not wish to see it come about, is a fate accompli- its already here.

The United States of America is today the most evil, most wicked, most contemptable nation that has ever arisen in the entire history of the human race- surpassing even the Roman Empire, Stalinist Russia and Hitler's Nazi Germany in its savagery, deceit, enslavement, butchery and outright terror against the peoples and nations of the world. American "cutt-throat" capitalism has destroyed the lives of billions of human beings worldwide, in addition to being the primary force behind the ecological holocaust that is consuming our planet, threatening the survival and well-being of all plant and animal life on the biosphere.

Having worshipped at the altars of war, greed and gross materialism, America has devolved and metastisized into a fully militarized fascist federal police state where the rich are rewarded and the poor are constantly persecuted (on every concievable level).

If this nation is not brought down by nuclear fire by the majority of peoples and nations throughout this world who absolutely hate the USA (with a passion and a rage that is off the scale), then it will be accomplished through a pre-ordained economic/financial collapse- perhaps BOTH.

America is now primed for another "stalinist purge", the likes of which will kill millions of Americans in the years ahead. Already numerous concentrations camps fitted with guillotines have been built all across the USA in preparation for the persecution that must inevitably ensue. Targetted will be ultra-right wing "christian" fundamentalists, those who own gas-guzzling SUV's, who fly American flags on their cars and at their homes, gun-toting patriots, republican meat-eaters, pro-military terrorists, right wing ideolouges and all those opposed to the coming new world order.

These right-wing forces are the VERY people and institutions who are now persecuting the righteous men, women and institutions who are desperately trying to save what's left of our planet; feminists, environmentalists, vegetarians, peace activists, labor activists, human rights activists, leftists, socialists, green party activists, progressives, welfare, privacy and media activists, conservationists, organic farmers, cooperatives, advocates of sustainable development, community radio and television stations, writers, publishers and the like.

As such, America will be "terminated" as a nation-state and its people will be persecuted. America has attacked and threatened the life of the Messenger of the Covenant to this generation. For this transgression Almighty Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah has eternally sealed the fate of and, even now, decreed America's death and destruction. Come against GOD's annointed and you pay the price. So it has been throughout Scriptural record, so shall it is today. The LORD does not change in his ways.


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